Organic Goji Raisins

Organic Goji Raisins

from 3.00

Global Tribe’s dried Goji berries have a longer shelf life and still packs the same goodness and nutrients! So you have have your Goji sweetness for even longer! Delivery charges apply.

35 G – 3 EUR
50 G – 5 EUR
75 G – 6.50 EUR
100 G – 8 EUR
200 G – 14 EUR
1 KG – 68.88 EUR

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We guarantee the freshness of every little Tribal Goji that we deliver to you. However, once we send it out by your chosen delivery method and have sent the customer a proof of postage, we cannot guarantee successful and timely delivery, simply because the postal service is something out of our control. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase of Tribal Goji, please write to us here.


Our showers might not be so private. But when it comes to your confidentiality and your information that you share with us, we will bring it to the biodynamic grave. That means we will never share your information with any third party, nor sell it out. Hey, we don’t trust Big Brother either.