At Global Tribe, we treat our volunteers as our own family members and we do our best to take care of your welfare, safety, wellbeing and health. Global Tribe and its members are not liable for any injuries, self harm, or health issues that might occur at Global Tribe HQ, either while you’re working or engaging in recreational activities. We will, however, do everything we can to keep you safe and sound. In case of emergencies, we will also engage the necessary emergency services i.e. ambulance, police.


As much as Global Tribe would like to welcome everyone, we cannot afford to provide volunteers with free lodging and meals when they do not contribute to our productive activities such as farming, building, decorating, cooking etc. Global Tribe reserves the rights to refuse any volunteer application as we deem fit, and we reserve the right to cancel / end the volunteer period when we decide that the volunteer is not a right fit at Global Tribe HQ.


We provide a shared accommodation bed either in a teepee, a room, or a caravan. Volunteers can also choose to pitch their own tents or set up their own hammocks when the weather permits. Volunteers are free to use the outdoor warm-water shower at anytime. Clean, filtered running water, electricity, toilet facilities, and WIFI are always available.

Volunteers are advised to bring their own sleeping bags and bedsheets for extra comfort, and clothing suitable for the weather. Laundry facilities are available in the town of Almonte and the Global Tribe team and volunteers will take a trip into town at least once a week for such purposes.


Please let us know in advance if you have any medical conditions that might affect your stay here. We reserve the right to refuse any volunteers with conditions that we think we lack the expertise and facilities to accommodate to. Safety comes first and we do not want to risk anyone’s wellbeing and health while they are here.


We guarantee the freshness of every little Tribal Goji that we deliver to you. However, once we send it out by your chosen delivery method and have sent the customer a proof of postage, we cannot guarantee successful and timely delivery, simply because the postal service is something out of our control. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase of Tribal Goji, please write to us here.


Our showers might not be so private. But when it comes to your confidentiality and your information that you share with us, we will bring it to the biodynamic grave. That means we will never share your information with any third party, nor sell it out. Hey, we don’t trust Big Brother either.