Crazy Chefs take care of all the meals at Global Tribe Headquarters. You are powering the Tribe with your nourishing, balanced meals, and making sure that no one’s going hungry or thirsty. The Soul Kitchen would be your home, so you’ll be in charge of not just cooking, but cleaning, taking stock of all ingredients, doing the shopping, and making sure no food goes to waste. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach. If you love somebody, feed somebody! So if you’ve got a passion for cooking and cleaning, this might just be the perfect role for you.

It’s important for everyone who signs up for this role to be committed during their length of stay. So here’s what the Crazy Chef has to know before you begin. We know it’s a lot, but it’s important that you know what you’re getting into. So let’s get cooking!




  • The Crazy Chef team of 2 or 3 people will plan and prepare the weekly nourishing menu, including snacks and surprise yums yums, and organise our shopping list and garden veggies according to the amount of people in the Tribe.

  • Proper storage and organisation of our fresh produce, ingredients and leftovers.

  • Select all ingredients carefully! Prioritise the fresh stuff we currently have and first use the food that are about to go bad. Every piece of vegetable came from a baby seed that took us many months to nurture, so let’s be grateful to our Funny Farmers and Mother Earth.

  • Evaluate prime harvest moment (check moon calendar) and schedule the collection of seasonal vegetables and fruits from our garden.

  • Care and management of kitchen utensils.

  • Sourcing and refill of biodegradable washing and cleaning products.


  • Local food shopping from local producers, according to weekly fixed budget (driving licence is a plus).


  • Organic fresh produce and cuttings are collected and brought to the chickens.

  • Orange and banana peels are composted in separate containers.

  • Food laying around attracts flies, insects, and our never-satisfied cats. So make sure no leftover bits and pieces can be found by them.

  • Recycled waste to be brought to garbage station


  • Always clean pots, plates, glasses, cups, bowls, utensils, the stove, and tables after use

  • Keep shelves and the fridge clean, make sure to use food that’s about to go bad

  • Refresh shower, toilet, buildings, chill out areas and let the farm shine


  • During harvest months, Crazy Chefs might also be assigned to work on the fields to cope with the time-sensitive work.

  • (5 hours) Mindful Goji picking begins at sunrise, usually 7 am.

    • During picking, it is important to send your best energies and good vibes into the Gojis, simply because this is what we’re sending out to the world. It’s our message, it’s our love, and it’s our little revolution. And everyone who eats our Tribal Gojis can feel this.

  • (1 hour) After picking, Funny Farmers will perform a Goji quality check, weigh them, and pack them.

  • Total work every weekday is about 6 hours. Weekend is party time! Woohoo!



  • Biodynamic living and farming is a full-time commitment. We are not a free hostel. When you pick a date to come, we’ll start planning you into our schedule so that we’re sure that we can have every area taken care of at Global Tribe. If you’re unable to commit to the date and full duration of stay, please do not sign up yet. Every little cancellation / postponement makes things really messy for our day-to-day operations. The minimum stay required is 4 weeks, because every new Tribe member will take at least a day or two to be properly introduced to everything and get used to how things work.

  • Farm work is hard work. If you don’t like getting your hands dirty, muscles aching, and body sweaty, it will be difficult for you here.

  • Being independent is important. Yes, we are a community, but everyone needs to pull their own weight in order for progress to be possible.

  • We work for about 6 hours every weekday. Weekends are rest days for everyone! Woohoo!

  • “Work” doesn’t end when farm work ends. To keep a living space clean and beautiful, we need everyone to be mindful of their own surroundings, footprints, waste, and impact. We clean up after ourselves, serve one another, share openly, and take care of one another.


  • We are a hardworking and loving community, with our hearts and minds tuned in to sustainable living, mindfulness, spiritual growth, compassion, and oneness. These are not just words we heard from some Buddhist podcast, but our way of being. We’re not saints here, but we do try our best.

  • At times, we might be up to 30 people living together in Global Tribe. Disagreements can, of course, happen. But what’s important is that we remember that we’re all here to learn from one another, respect one another, and love one another. Well, how can we talk about world peace when we can’t even make it happen with a handful of us?

  • Go ahead, take initiative! See something that you want to improve? It could be as simple as a new shelf, a new sign, or a new way of doing things better. Ask the Tribe if they’re cool with it and go for it!

  • Stay positive! You should be a highly motivated and driven being! When the going gets tough, pick your head up, smile, let out a loud fart, laugh, and push on. Good vibes are super important, and it spreads! So shine on baby, and see the Tribe shine with you.


  • All meals are vegetarian meals, and as much as possible, what’s in our plates is also from our own garden. If you have any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance and bring along your own food. Meals are usually prepared for the whole Tribe at one time, so it could be difficult to cater to everyone’s individual needs.

  • Bring whatever medication or first aid that you need.

  • It can get hot as (insert any hardcore word), so bring summer clothes, swimwear, a hat, and sunscreen.

  • Get cosy. Bring your own sleeping bag, hammocks, bed sheets and bug spray (trust us, farmers know best).

  • All toiletries have to be biodegradable. We take care of what we put into our bodies, so let’s also be mindful of what we return to the ground.

  • If you’ve got a car or caravan and prefer to sleep in it, you’re very welcomed to park in our space!




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