You heard right. We actually check the moon cycles to find the perfect times to plant, harvest, water, and even weed our Goji shrubs. We mix animal poop with homeopathic potions to bathe our ground and revitalise it. And to keep our plants happy, instead of using chemical pesticides, we shower them with a blend of nettle, horsetail, camomile, and loads of love.

Biodynamism is like next-level organic. Yes, we’re a EU-certified organic farm, but why stop there? Why not take things to the next level and see how we can do even more to be kinder to Mother Nature, and provide the world with more natural, even healthier food?



Woohoo! Compared to the expected yield of non-organic Goji shrubs, our harvest for the first year gave us more than 1000% more fruits! Yes, sending our good vibes into the soil and water, being a loving community, and having good intentions might have something to do with that. Of course, we worked our butts off too.

The way we farm and live are based on age-old biodynamic principles, which Rudolf Steiner made popular. So we believe greater cosmic forces at play affect the wellbeing of our plants, animals, and ourselves. We do what we can to sync with Nature’s cycles, and send in our best energy. It’s combining yoga, spirituality, good ethics, farming, and living. 100% hippie, 1000% better harvest.

Download the Moon & Garden app (iOS / Android) for a little glimpse of what our calendar is like.

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Of course, we understand that going all spiritual about our farm and way of living can be a little too “far out” for some. But hey, we’re just a bunch of people who’ve come together in the South of Spain to find a more sustainable way of living and working. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

Oh, but don’t just take our word for it, try our super tasty Tribal Gojis and let us know what you think. Or if you’d like to come work, learn, and live with us for a few weeks, sign up here and let’s arrange something! It’s completely free! Because we’re hippies!